~ Fun fact ~

There's a contest for all five of the Eurosenses!

* Eurovision is for original songs, of course
* Eurolfactory is for industrial design history trivia
* Europroprioception is for gymnastics
* Euroecholocation is for masked crime-fighting

Today was a bad mental day. I've been in my head and my feels about some career stuff and uncertainties over the next few months. Everything feels impossible, or meaningless, or both. It sucks.

But (and this is why I'm writing this) I'm trying to hang on to the knowledge (or at least the hope) that it won't always suck. It'll get better again. We have to believe that things will be possible, and will have meaning.

Gotta love how Pratt said he wasn’t gonna do the traditional Mario voice, and the second line in the latest trailer is literally “Let’s-a go”

🤖📰 Rotten Tomatoes Trailers: "The Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer #1 (2023)"


Remember when I ran that pub quiz last month and complained about not having the right tools? Well, I built my own, and now they're ready for you:


thanks to @philgyford, here is a directory of blogs. Add yours, or others that should be included; a good answer to irresponsible social media platform management is to have more independent sites. https://ooh.directory

My current pet theory is that this is either the lead-up to him making another run at PM, or he’s trying to draw media attention away from the current PM

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He has to be buying votes at this point, that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with.

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Who keeps voting for Matt Hancock on ? I just wanna talk. 😤

I’m still trying to get my head around how the Federated timeline works. If you follow me, does it show posts from everyone else in my pub? If so, is my RSS bot annoying?

There's a timeline somewhere in the possibility space of the world where instead of "Instances" or "Servers" the servers in that timeline's Mastodon equivalent became known as "Pubs", because they implement ActivityPub, and frankly, I think that timeline got it right

Do you know that Mastodon can be themed?

For example, here's Macstodon -- a Mastodon theme that resembles Classic Mac OS.

It looks beautiful 😍

In 1959, police were called to a segregated library when a Black 9-year-old boy trying to check out books refused to leave, after being told the library was not for Black people.

The boy, Ronald McNair, went on to became an astronaut. The library is also now named after him

As is tradition, I'm rewatching Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 today, AMA

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