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That formula takes the first array, {"A","B","C"}, and for each item, loops through the second array, {"B","C","A"} until there's a match. When a match appears, it returns the letter and the index of the match. So in this case the output would be A3B1C2.

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One of the things I've had to figure out is quickly finding the index of the *second* appearance of a given item in a list. In normal programming, you can loop through the list, and loop through again for each item. "Looping" isn't a thing in spreadsheets, but you can do something like this instead:


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OK, so I've been spending a few days figuring out different ways that this *almost* works. Feels like I'm zeroing in on the right strategy, but for now I just wanted to say that the new LAMBDA functions are really great, and can be nested to achieve things similar to a QUERY function but *much* faster. Most of the rest of this project will hinge on MAP and REDUCE.

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Just noticed that the BBC iPlayer volume goes up to 11. Well played. 🤘

The Collab Lab is a free, volunteer-run program that helps early-career developers from marginalized groups break into tech by providing experiential project practice and career coaching. ✨

We run teams from UTC-8 through UTC+4. 🌎🌍

Our next cohort kicks off in January with applications opening December 24. 🗓️

We’re new around here, so we’d appreciate your boosts as we build up our reach. Let’s help as many early-career devs as we can to storm the gates of tech! 💪

Especially now that we’re seeing issues with the larger instances (which new people feel compelled to join because “that’s where the people are”) I think we could all stand to do a little more admin work for the people we care about

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I’m gonna write more on this when I have more time/data, but:

Running an intentionally very small mastodon instance for yourself and friends is super fun, and I think anyone with a minimal amount of technical knowledge and ~£12/month to spare should do it.

HEY HEY FRENZ on! You may want to MOVE to a new instance, very soon.

Why? :sealion:

Mastodon is a bunch of islands that can talk to each other. The smaller and more spread out we are, the easier things are to moderate. Horizontal scaling FTW!

All of you who fled that one site 🐤 ended up at for likely a few reasons. It was obvious, it was big, and it's where you saw a bunch of folks going.

But it has a long history of being poorly moderated, which means a LOT of instances are silencing or blocking it. Which means you're on the big island that SEEMS like it's "where everyone is", but in fact, it's a giant island unto itself (momentarily trending toward turning into a post-bird-site echo chamber), and huge swaths of the Fediverse don't talk to it, or even see it.

If you want the quality of interaction (and moderation!) Mastodon is known for, move thy funky buns to a smaller instance of cool folks you enjoy. :blobcatrainbow:

#feditips #fediverse

My heart is broken for Colorado Springs.

LGBTQ+ people are nearly four times more likely than non-LGBTQ+ people to experience violent victimization.

And Anti-LGBTQ+ emboldens extremists to violence.

This must end. Now.

Mourn the dead.
Fight like hell for the living.



Bigger instances aren't better.

If anything, they're worse.

They're not faster.
They're not safer.
They're not more "permanent".
They're not more "connected".

A big instance's culture is not all of fedi's culture.

This is a mug from 1674. Doesn’t it look like something you could buy at Starbucks?

Coffee shops were common in bigger British cities in the 1670s, and according to Pepys, they shouted out your name when your drink was ready. People sometimes gave hilarious fake names for a laugh. Very little truly changes ☕️

#coffee #starbucks #17thcentury #Histodons @histodons

I know everything is hard and stressful right now and I don’t know who needs to hear this, but… there are 11 full seasons of Taskmaster on YouTube and it’s an absolute delight. If you’ve never seen it, start with season (series) 4!

US Student Loan Debt Relief 

Just got the email that my application was approved, but the whole plan is blocked by lawsuits.

I’m unsurprised and fucking furious 🤬

What if we all just pretend that Twitter is down from here on out

The Internet Archive is a real library that uses Controlled Digital Lending to let you borrow a book for an hour. They're getting sued for this and it sucks but put that aside. Here is a book I just borrowed. It told me how to build a catapult in my backyard. I returned it, so you can borrow it next.

My partner’s little brother recently got an Apple Watch with cellular, and his parents let him text a few people on a select list. I’m on that list, and I know this because today he messaged, “How’s life?”

My brother in Christ, *you are 11 years old!* What could you possibly know about life?? What could I say about life that you could relate to??

(Pokémon. Pokémon was the answer.)

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